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What Is SEO

What SEO is and Why Your Service Based Business Needs it in 2022

As a business owner who takes an active role in their company’s success, you probably have heard the term SEO, right? – especially while talking to marketing agencies.

But what is SEO and why does your service based business need it? For clarity and ease of understanding, we have broken it down below for you today!


Let’s cut right to it!

To understand what SEO is, we must first understand the role of a Search Engine, namely Google!

In essence, as described by our good friend Phil Drinkwater (20 Year SEO Veteran), Google is a “Trust and Confidence Comparison Engine that takes users input and recommends what the search engine has confidence in as the best result to satisfy the user.”

After all, Google’s precise recommendations are why people come back to it time and time again and ultimately how “Google” became a verb.

To build that confidence and trust Google uses what SEO’s have deemed “Signals”. These signals and the overarching picture of how they work together build Google’s confidence in your services. Over time, as these signals compound Google’s trust and confidence in you grows and you begin to out-rank other businesses or websites that Google has presumably less confidence in.

It’s important to note, there are thousands of signals that contribute to what most people know as an algorithm. These signal’s relevancy changes year over year and month over month – which is why SEO is a never ending process.

Some of these signals include:

  • Topics and Keyword Clusters On Your Website
  • How Many Reviews You Have Linked To Your Website
  • How Many Local Websites Talk About Your Services (Backlinks)
  • How Long Visitors To Your Website Stay On It And If They Complete an Action (Dwell Time)
  • and More!


So, how does building trust and confidence in Google’s search engine help your company?

Quite simply, really!

The more signals and algorithms you satisfy on your website that Google looks for, the more it will recommend your services in Google Search. More recommendations means more potential viewers and ultimately leads to your business.

In contrast, when you don’t satisfy Google’s signal requirements to help build trust and confidence in your company and services, you receive less impressions to your website and in-turn less leads.

While many digital marketing companies will attempt to use big words, abbreviations, charts and graphs – the premise as you can see above is incredibly straight forward and comes down to this:

Is your company getting more leads over time through searches on Google?

If the answer is yes than your SEO is helping you obtain clients and it is imperative to continue doing what you’re already doing – Good Job!


On the other hand if your website and digital marketing efforts are not gaining more leads, we’re here to help!

How you ask? In a multitude of ways!

Website Build and Deployment

Service Lifter has teamed up with national SEO experts to build and deploy SEO right into your new website!

Unlike other companies who charge you for on-going SEO services that happen on your website, we’ve already taken care of it all for you.

Our process accounts for the signals Google looks for when scanning your website from the initial point of deployment for the best ranking possibilities available.

In most cases, our clients see initial out-of-the-gate preformance increases in: website speed, the time people spend on their website, and in select case studies rank.

Website Plugins and Updates

No matter where your website is hosted, there is a possibility of it being compromised. At the time of writing this, there is a major WordPress security venerability circling the internet and we are happy to report that 0% of our websites have been affected!

But, if they were – we provide free malware detection and correction at no extra cost, while most companies charge an additional fee for services rendered.

In addition, our team updates your plugins regularly so that your visitors never experience a “broken” website.

It’s not uncommon for plugins to cause websites to break when they are not updated as recommended. We promise 100% money back guarantee for your month of service if your website ever experiences this – we can guarantee this because our team works effortlessly to prevent this!

GMB Optimization, Posts & Blogs

Did you know in service based industries your Google My Business (GMB) listing could recieve nearly as many leads as your website? Even if the website was position number 1?

Why you ask? Reviews!

Because anyone can make a website and list themselves on Google, consumers are now depending on reviews more than ever from Google. Because of this, most of our packages aim to continually optimize your GMB over time so you continue to get leads!

In addition to GMB posting, our top tier package also includes 1 Optimized Blog per month! Our team goes above and beyond to make sure that your website has fresh information for new visitors and past clients – keeping you relevant in your niches and areas!

Our team of writers are English-fluent as a first language and will acquire approval for topics and before deploying them so we can accurately reflect your business the way you want to be represented on the internet!


If you want to hear more about our SEO services or have specific questions about how Service Lifter can help you, click the button on the right side of the screen and message us today!

Our team is available and ready to answer any inquiries you have during our normal business hours!

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