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Steamy Concepts: A Carpet Cleaning Case Study

Steamy Concepts: A Carpet Cleaning Case Study

Steamy Concepts Case Study

In February of 2020, Service Lifter began working with Steamy Concepts, a Carpet Cleaning company located in Tucson, AZ serving multiple metropolitan areas.

Below, we discuss how we grew their website traffic 406.1% through on-page SEO strategies and a comprehensive digital marketing approach!

Carpet Cleaning Case Study

Our Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy

When the client initially approached us, they had noticed that their website was ranking position 2-3 on average for major keywords, down from position 1 on Google. 

Because the client was located in a major metropolitan area of over one million residents and in a competitive niche with tons of competition, we knew there would be a challenge ahead of us!

Our strategy included the following:

  1. Identify Which Keywords Were Ranking Lower – Our first step was to understand which keywords were ranking lower and determine why. After analysis, we noticed that the pages that were previously ranking well were being out-ranked by national competitors with a large amount of backlinks. 
  2. Fighting Backlinks With Relevance – Next, we determined that instead of also acquiring backlinks, which would later be lost, we would boost the relevance of on-page signals contextually. In this, we scraped the website content of every major carpet cleaning company in the United States to identify commonalities in the top three results for things like Headings, Titles, Content, and Pictures. After identifying these things, we began to restructure the pages that had lost rank in ways that aligned with our hypothesis surrounding relevance signals for search engine optimization.
  3. Learning From Results – We completed this task over the course of a few months, while monitoring our results through Google Search Console and analytics to see if an adjustment was required. What we found is that the website’s rank had gone up dramatically, and was higher on average across multiple pages than it had ever experienced in the past. 
  4. Checking With The Client – When we reached out to the client and owner of Steamy Concepts after 6 months, he had let us know that not only did he notice better rank, but they were generating more revenue month over month for the year.. In 2021, the company grew a total of 48%, which had never been experienced previously. 

Below is a graphic visualization of the clients revenue growth since beginning work with them in February of 2020 until December of 2021, as extrapolated from ServiceTitan, a CRM based software. 

Steamy Concepts Growth Graph

The Verdict of This Case Study

Through on-page search engine optimization, our team at Service Lifter was able to help our client reach new projections and revenue goals month over month and year over year. 

In addition to the initial strategy above, our team later re-designed the website for conversion rate optimization purposes and continue to optimize it weekly. 

Over time, this client’s traffic and revenue continue to increase and their company has seen a phenomenal growth rate. 

It is important to note that while the case study above only discusses organic traffic trends, there may be a secondary correlation between the other services we offer, which are:

  • Google Ads/ Bing Management
  • Google Business Profile Management
  • Call Tracking Analysis 
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • On-Going System Administration Support

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