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What We Do For You at Service Lifter

What We Do For You At Service Lifter

Ever wondered what exactly a digital marketing agency does? We get this question quite a bit!

When consumers and possible clients are looking for teams to partner with, it’s not uncommon to want to understand the ins and outs of what that company is doing for you, how it is helping you, and most importantly how those things generate revenue!

While many companies tote helping you increase ROI, or performing SEO, it’s hard to understand how these acronyms actually get accomplished and in some cases how they correlate to increased leads!

That’s why we’re here today – to help dispel the fluff, the magic, and the obscurity of what we do here at Service Lifter!

All Forms of Marketing Coalesce

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, day-to-day activities of what we do, there is one very important thing business owners need to understand:

All forms of marketing Coalesce!

What we mean by this is that while some leads and revenue streams can be tracked, all marketing efforts come together to form the totality of your brand, how people feel about you, and if they decide to use your services!

For example, let’s say that your potential customer or client is driving down the street and sees one of your vans that is brandishing a beautiful wrap that catches their attention!

They then go home and Google the name of the company based on your van’s appeal to them – would the channel of marketing and advertising be attributed to your van, or Google?

In the same sense, let’s also say that your potential client goes and finds you on Google, but also wants to understand what specials and promotions you offer so they search you out locally on Facebook and then call you – would the channel of marketing be attributed to Facebook or Google?

Because of the above scenarios, you can begin to understand how all forms of marketing come together to form a comprehensive marketing plan in which you get into the eyes of customers enough that they remember you and want to use you over time!

And that’s where we step in! Service Lifter aims to be your one-stop resource for all digital marketing and multimedia needs!

The Breakdown of What We Do

All right, enough business theory! Let’s talk about what we actually do over here on a day-to-day basis and how it helps you!

  1. Website Hosting & Design –

    At Service Lifter we have taken the time out to thoroughly research Google’s best practices for website design and development, and aim to meet all their compliance standards for your website. This includes things like understanding what the optimal font sizes are, button placements, white space recommendations, color ratio compliance requirements, and so forth! In addition to just design, we have carefully selected the best website hosting platform that provides the highest quality speeds and hack-free guarantees with hardened WordPress websites to make sure that your business has a 99.8% minimum uptime so that you never miss a lead! Our premium hosting solution also includes 24/7 backups and technical support, should something ever happen that our team can not get to immediately!

  2. Local Citations –

    Every month Service Lifter adds your business and website to local directories for your services and niche. This helps more people find you across other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and so forth. It also helps solidify your business information on Google by aggregating your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) across the digital recesses of the internet, to make sure that you are generating more traffic and leads over time to your business!

  3. Google My Business Optimization –

    Because Google My Business platforms now account for up to 30% of total traffic on Google for local businesses, we pride ourselves on making sure that our clients come up in the “map-pack” as frequently as possible! Because consumers tend to resort to this area before they do going to organic website listings, it’s imperative that we optimize your profile month over month to negate the effects of ongoing algorithmic updates that can change your positioning or placement. This in turn helps continue to direct a consistent flow of traffic and leads to your business through this specific avenue.

  4. Google My Business Review Responding –

    In addition to optimizing your Google My Business profile, we also provide review management services on a monthly basis wherein we take the time out to respond to all past clients or customers who took the time out to review your business! This in turn creates a solidified relationship with your past customers and clients beyond services, as they are notified that we have responded to their great recommendations!

  5. Google My Business Scanning –

    Every month Service Lifter scans your Google My Business profile using software called Local Viking. This software helps us to understand if the optimization changes we are making monthly on your profile are working or not, and more importantly if they are continuing to drive traffic and leads to your company! We are happy to provide you with these scans whenever asked, for any services you offer.

  6. Ongoing Search Engine Optimization –

    While many things go into search engine optimization, here is a small sub-list of things that we do on a monthly basis to increase your traffic and positioning with Google, in hopes to acquire more leads and revenue for your business.

    A.) SERP and Competitor Analysis
    B.) Meta Title and Description Tag Rewrites
    C.) Speed Optimizations: CSS Minification, Image Compression, Cache Header Expirations, GZIP, Image Optimization, iframe difference and optimization, JS difference and optimization, server load measurement and balancing, and more!
    D.) Content Updates, Blog Writing (Client Dependent), Salience & Sentiment Analysis and Re-Write, Spell Checking, and more!
    E.) Page Orientation Re-Design For Conversion Rate Optimization Based on Heat Mapping
    F.) Keyword Tracking and Ongoing Analysis on a Per Page Basis (Up to 200 Pages)
    G.) Schema and Rich SERP Results Implementation & Monitoring
    H.) Toxic Backlink Monitoring and Disavowment
    I.) Plugin and PHP Updates
    J.) Lead Form Testing and Compliance Standard Checks
    K.) Google Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager Review

  7. Google Ads –

    Google Ads Management services provided by Service Lifter aim to help you decrease your monthly spending while increasing your leads! Our team monitors your account every few days to look for search terms that we can add to our negative keyword dictionary list, while looking at auction insights, bidding adjustments and optimization scores to provide ongoing analysis, so that we can understand if you are getting enough leads for the daily amount you are committing spending!

  8. Bing Ads –

    Similarly to Google Ads Management, we provide the same services across your Microsoft Advertising Account, also known as Bing Ads!

  9. Facebook Posting –

    As mentioned above, building a comprehensive marketing plan across multiple platforms is how you attract more clients! At Service Lifter we help you do just that by creating posts 1x a week for your Facebook business account to share! That way when people are looking for you on major social media websites, they can find you!

  10. Facebook Ads –

    Equally important to Facebook posts and other forms of marketing listed above, Service Lifter aims to provide Facebook Ad services as applicable. Our team checks in on your account multiple times weekly to make sure your cost per lead is low enough to continue driving leads and sales for costs that are advantageous to your marketing plan! In some areas, with the right offers our company sees hundreds of leads come in yearly for better ad spend costs than other pay-per-view/click platforms, making Facebook a more viable choice in some areas.

  11. Email and SMS Campaigns – 

    Our team is able to design and send out Email and SMS Campaigns that are fully customizable.

  12. Marketing Asset Creation & Graphic Design –

    A lot of our clients don’t know this, but Service Lifter has a full-fledged graphic design team! Need help with flyers, door hangers, pricing brochures, business cards or logos? Just ask! We include these services in our standard priced packaging at no extra cost because we want to help you put your best foot forward visually to attract new clients and leads!

  13. Strategy and Implementation – 

    Our team has years of experience in the industry! Together, we can help come up with a strategy that fits your unique business for your short term and long term goals.

  14. Go High Level / Lead Funneling – 

    We use a Platform called Go High Level, it’s a one stop shop for your CRM, email/sms campaigns, lead funneling, and more! This platform has many functions and can be an extremely helpful tool for your company. We’ll be there to help integrate it if you choose to use it, with ongoing support available at any time.

Going Above and Beyond

Seems like a lot right? That’s why we built a 10 person team and continue to expand year over year while offering additional services!

It is our goal to continue providing the best services all while making sure we’re available to answer questions, walk you through these processes and provide strategic implementation to your business and services, that way we can continue to help you grow year over year as your partners in digital marketing!

After all, it is our company’s mission and motto:

By helping you live your dreams, we get to live ours!

  • The Service Lifter Team


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