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AZIP SEO For All Repipe Related Keywords

Hey Alex, thanks for taking out the time to give us a call! We’re incredibly excited to offer you this SEO plan that will help give us the opportunity to help you rank for more Pipe Replacement/Repair and Specialty keywords! Please see the following details below!

Your Total Marketing Package Includes

  • Ongoing SEO (Up to 12 hours a month) for the following keywords, which the site does not rank for all of yet. See below
  • SEO Reporting Monthly
  • Area Guarantee (Will not take on other clients for up to 100 miles in same Plumbing niche)
  • GMB Optimization for keywords listed below
  • 4 GMB Posts Per Month
  • Google Ads and FB Management (If ever needed)
  • Review Management
  • Local Citations
  • Asset Creation and Design Services

Known Keywords

Repiping, Slab leak repair, Pipe replacement, Copper repiping, PEX repiping, Pipe repair, Leak detection, Plumbing system upgrade, Burst pipe repair, Plumbing inspection, Water line replacement, Sewer line replacement, Galvanized pipe replacement, Polybutylene pipe replacement, Pipe rerouting, Foundation leak repair, Slab leak detection, Slab leak location, Underground pipe repair, Trenchless pipe repair, Pipe corrosion, Water pressure issues, Plumbing renovation, Water damage restoration, Plumbing maintenance, Pipe fittings, Pipe installation, Pipe materials, Water leak repair, Plumbing services, Pipe assessment, Plumbing upgrades, Pipe relining, Pipe bursting, Pipe rehabilitation, Pipe deterioration, Water main repair, Sewer pipe repair, Drain repair, Plumbing leaks, Hydrostatic testing, Video pipe inspection, Slab leak prevention, Slab leak symptoms, Foundation damage repair, Water line repair, Sewer line repair, Pipe joint repair, Pipe damage, Pipe integrity

Original price was: $5,999.99.Current price is: $3,999.99. / month

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Monthly Services include?

  • Each package comes with hosting, plugin updates, and security to make sure your site is live and running for your customers.
  • If you choose to boost your SEO with the moderate or heavy package, or with Service Lifter Add-Ons like Google Ads and Local Citations, we will complete these services each month.
  • You also have the option to reach out to us about any revisions you may have. This may include updating pictures, changing phone numbers, or adding new store hours. We guarantee the changes will be made within 7 days – although they usually take 24 hours to 3 days at the most!

What happens after I place my order?

  1. After you place your order, we’ll send you a link with some questions to get to know you and your business (this usually takes between 20 min to an hour of your time).
  2. Our team will begin designing or rebuilding your website and setting up any extra services you ordered. You may get an email or phone call if we have any additional questions.
  3. Once we’re ready to launch, we’ll send you an email or give you a call so you can take a look and give us some feedback.
  4. When you’re 100% satisfied with your website we’ll make it live for your customers to see!

What do I do if I want to make changes to my website?

  • If you want to make changes to your website you can send us an email at!
  • We’ll get back to your right away to let you know we received your request.
  • We guarantee the changes will be made within 7 days – although they’re usually completed within 24 hours to 3 days at the most!

How long after I place my order will I start getting leads?

  • Service Lifter aims to help your company gain leads over time through best search engine optimization practices developed and deployed by world class SEOs. Results may vary depending on competition, local geography, referral traffic sources, if Google Ads is deployed link equity and more.

What guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee to build you a faster, up-to-date, more robust and user-friendly website in about 30 days. In addition, we also guarantee that you will retain your current search engine positioning for all of your keywords or do better!

Who can I talk to about my digital marketing strategy?

We have digital marketing and SEO experts available to answer questions you may have. Just send us an email at to let us know and we’ll set up a time to chat!