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Semper Fi Heating & Cooling Website Package

Robb, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us! Below we have worked up what it will cost to re-create the website with all specifications in mind in less than 43 days! Please note, we have included ongoing options for additional SEO assistance to help make sure the website is ranked in Google as quickly as possible, rather than just throwing the website up and hoping that it does!

Our Website Package Includes

  • A custom 450-500 page website (Home, Service Pages, Auxiliary Locations, About Us, Testimonials and a Blog)
  • Rush priority in 40 days or less to be reviewed
  • Created to meet Google’s indexing, speed and SEO requirements
  • Created with Conversion Rate Optimization & user psychology principles
  • Up to 150 stock images, if images can not be provided
  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager set-up if needed

Service Lifter recommends using our hosting platform so that we can provide 24/7 tech support and a 100% hack-free guarantee of your website!


Monthly Curation After Build

Frequently Asked Questions About This Package

Q: If you host my website, will I own the assets?
A: Absolutely! Any website we create and host for you can be moved at your discretion at any time. While we recommend using our hosting services so that we can provide around the clock tech support, your website is and will always be your asset

Q: Do I get admin access to my website?
A: Yes! We provide admin access to your WordPress administration panel so you can make changes to your website as needed