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Why Customer Service is So Important and 3 Actionable Tips to Better Your Business

In a recent 2020 publication and study, Salesforce noted that 80% of customers believe that the customer support they receive is just as important as the actual service – and it makes sense.

Today more than ever customers and consumers have choices in the market and can explore multiple options as solutions for the same services.

Because of this, companies and brands have to work incredibly hard to not only win acquisition but to keep their clients coming back to them.

One of the biggest ways to do this is through customer service interactions. After all, it goes without saying that it is harder to find new customers than to retain individuals who have already invested in your services.

With the information above we have pinned down the top 5 actionable ways you can improve your customer service processes, and here’s how!

Why Customer Service is So Important

1. Mirror Mirror on The Wall

When dealing with customers or clients one of the best ways to provide customer service is to understand their values and idealism while mirroring it back.

One of the most effective ways to communicate is to listen and look for verbal cues to understand what is important to the person in who you are interacting with.

Do they use a word a lot like “Trust” or “Teamwork”? Do they use “feeling” words more than “analytical” speech? Do they feel passionate about topics they bring up?

Really listening to your customer or client will allow you to understand their wants and needs while being able to emphasize that you are there for them and can meet those specific wants or needs.

2. Accommodation Alleviates Frustration

In general people are usually understanding and act in good nature. There are some exceptions but overall when a customer is angry or feels like they have been wronged, a simple accommodation can go a long way and retain them as a customer for a lifetime.

When dealing with customers it is important to remember that accommodating their needs or wants will prevent frustration in the long run, especially in the service industry.

Most times customers will often refer to this as “Good Service”.

It is important to remember that customers are your strongest form of marketing and essentially act as brand ambassadors for your services. Building a great service reputation ignites people’s passion to share their exceptional experience – but only if it is exceptional.

Example of Accommodating Customers: 

  • Staying late or coming in early to meet a customer’s availability
  • Calling after a job or service was completed to make sure there were no problems along the way and their expectations were met.
  • Making exceptions for customers who are exceptional (pricing, availability, extra services).
  • Bending the rules to provide an exceptional customer experience.

While there are many more examples it is good practice for a company to sit down and set expectations for how they will accommodate customers. That way when the situation arises everyone is knowingly in compliance to making for a great experience for your customers and clients.

3. Without Trust We Don’t Collaborate, We Tolerate

For a successful client-business relationship, customers must trust that you have their best interests at heart. The second that they don’t, they will no longer collaborate with you, they will tolerate you and then they will leave.

It is extremely important for companies to fight to stay trusted by their customers, as there is someone else right around the corner waiting to win your customers business.

Below, we have mentioned some ways to build trust!

  • Tell your story in complete transparency, on your website, in commercials and anywhere that lends a public eye. When doing so be genuine, honest and allow people to connect emotionally with why you are in a service based industry.
  • Share best practices in your niche! Take out the time to educate potential customers, even if it’s for free. You will earn their business in the long run by continually being a resource for them in their times of need. You can do this by starting a blog, offering free in-home service consultations and truly putting all the decisions of your service offering into the consumers hands.
  • Always stick to your word! Your service based business is only as good as the promises and services you provide. You only get one reputation in this lifetime, make sure it’s one worth dying for.

Streamline Your Customer Service

In conclusion, one thing we want to mention that will help your business is that your customer service processes need to be streamlined and enforced through all levels of the company.

There’s nothing worse in the eyes of a consumer than dealing with people at your company who do not know company policy for customer service. Especially for customers that have past experiences with your business.

Customers and clients value consistency and want to know that they will always get the same level of customer service that they have come to expect. Because of this it is in your best interests to make sure it always happens that way.

And above all else remember that success doesn’t come from being great one time….it comes from the accumulation of greatness all the time!